Therapy Toolkit- Day 2

Gayatri Aptekar
2 min readApr 23, 2021

Before you begin reading today’s post, I want you to pause and pay attention to how you are sitting. Gently become aware of your spine, shoulders and neck. And what did you become aware of?

For years I had a poor posture. I remember my grandmother telling me to sit straight, however I always sat with a rounded back. I never noticed any issue in sitting like that. However, years of poor posture led to improper breathing and also influenced my thought process.

And I became aware of this only when I started learning psychology.

When we develop a poor posture, we are unable to breathe fully and take in more oxygen. This could lead to fatigue, mood swings and affects the body balance.

There was a study where scientists put one group of individuals in a slumped position and the other group in an upright one. Over a period of time the ones who sat straight felt greater emotionally than the ones who sat in the poor posture.

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

Day 2 of the Therapy Toolkit is about improving your posture.

And here are two videos that might help you.

We are working from home and many of us may not have access to a proper desk or chair. This may lead to a poor posture. Bring in the awareness and gently shift in the way you sit. And notice how it puts you in a better emotional state.

Do try and share your feedback.

Wishing you more awareness.

Love & Light,

Gayatri Aptekar



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